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Moving a mobile home is not an easy task and requires the services of a professional mobile home moving service. Hiring a professional moving company means the move will be done safely and efficiently, and the risk for the mobile homeowner will be reduced. Most homeowners are unaware of the exact sequence of events that must take place during moving and installation, but a professional will know the sequence like the back of their hand.

No Two Installation Projects are Alike

It’s also important to note that no two moves are exactly alike. Hiring a professional team takes the stress off the homeowner, as a professional team will have experiences in all types of mobile home moves. As soon as the new foundation is set up and ready, the moving team can get started.

While many people may assume the installation process for a double-wide mobile home is the same as the process for a single-wide, the two processes can be very different. Installing and setting up a single-wide means dealing with just one piece, which can make the process both faster and easier. The next section will cover some of the steps that take place during the installation process of a mobile home.

Understanding More About What to Expect

There are three steps to moving homes. It doesn’t matter the style or the age of the house trailer. These steps would be the disconnect process, transportation and installation in the new location.

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Removal of
Packing Materials

It takes a large amount of packing materials to safely move a mobile home. The professional moving company will carefully remove the protective packing material. They will then check the home over and look for any damage that may have occurred while the home was in transit. Not only does the moving company check the outside of the home for damages, but they also check out the inside of the home. They will check the appliances, the home equipment, and any other home-related materials. If the moving company finds damage, they will get with the home transporter to have repairs made.

Protecting The Home From Ground Moisture

After all of the moving and packing materials have been taken off the home, the installer will put a moisture retardant cover on the ground. This is typically polyethylene sheeting, but they may use a different similar material. Hiring a professional means the material will be installed correctly and the installation will follow all of the local building codes.

Position The Home Sections Properly

While many people may assume that fitting a double-wide together is an easy process, it’s actually very complicated. A professional will make sure the biggest and heaviest section of the home is put into the proper position before any other pieces are placed. These difficult and dangerous tasks typically involve a slew of professional equipment, including rollers, winches, hydraulic jacks, and other heavy equipment. With the help of the equipment listed above, the installer can get the double-wide correctly placed into its final position. At that time, they will remove the running gear. It’s also important to note that, when basement foundations are used, a crane will be required. Now, with the first piece in place, the installer can move on to the second part of the double-wide.

Finishing The Job

Once the home is in place, it’s time for adjustments. The installation company will make sure the walls, roof, and even the floors match up perfectly. The home will be blocked and anchored to the foundation. Gutters and downspouts will be installed, and utilities will be connected, as will any heating and AC units. If skirting is desired, it will next be installed. While many people think moving a mobile home is easy, and that they can install it themselves, it’s a hard job. Hiring a professional is important for both safety and liability reasons. It can also mean that the job goes smoothly and the home is installed properly.

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The process of buying a mobile home is something that can be very expensive. You definitely want to someone who has plenty of experience regarding transportation of a mobile home. They will work hard to make sure you are taken care of. It is good to know that any mobile home can be moved to any location. Consider purchasing a piece of property and having a mobile home relocated. You are going to love the feeling of having a beautiful home.